This Is That Year

This is that year I have been telling you about; the year when truly, everything becomes new.  
The year of endless possibilities, unlimited potentials and divine  favor backing it all. It is the year we have been waiting for because  God has promised to do us good.
This is that year when the  floodgates of heaven has already been opened, the blessings we have long  prayed for is on its way and an outpouring of revival has begun.
A year when we will keep looking  for more and more chances to share the good news of Christ, to share  testimonies of his miraculous work in our lives and to share a word and  actions of faith, hope and love.
Remember when you shed tears of  pain, distraught and fear, this year, tears of wonderment, fulfillment  and immeasurable joy will be ceaseless in running down your cheeks.
Children for those who have sought for it, the family that wants one  gets one, those who desired twins, will get theirs, and those who have  prayed and sought for long, have you started preparing? Multiple births  are coming your way.
Admissions into institution of higher  learning, scholarships to back them up and retentive and innovative  brains to ensure you emerge with a First class has been placed on you.
Start to practice how to share your testimony, because you will have to  do it, and do it again, and then share an even bigger one.
Those  that expect an outpouring leave home with an umbrella, those that know  God has made this year just for them leave their house every day with a  smile and the assurance that “All things work together for good to them  that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.”
Our tears have been wiped off, our sorrows turned to joy and our hope has been restored.
When I told you that this is the year we have been waiting for, do you  now know what I mean? Why not start counting your blessings and naming  them one by one, because in twelve months time, they will be too much  for you to count.
Are you ready for the best year you have ever  lived? Don’t forget, there will be no lack, no loss and no limitations  in your life this year.
This is your year.

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