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To err is human, to forgive is divine. Such a fine old adage to quote, right? Has someone really offended or hurt you before? How did you let it go? How long did it take you to let it go? Was it easy? Wait until I share my story with you on this one.

I met Bayo last year January in an eatery, close to where I went job hunting. He came with a friend to chill out while I went because I was hungry and needed some refreshments after undergoing an interview on an empty stomach. Bayo and I grew up together and attended the same school and church. We lost contact when we finished our secondary school education. He had to travel out of the country for his tertiary education. I wonder why we didn’t try to contact each other on social media or via phone, I guess we both got busy with life.

Seeing him that day, he looked really grown and changed. We did some catching up and he briefed me that he had been in the country for a while and was on the verge of setting up a business. Since I was desperately looking for a job at that time, I jumped in on the offer to partner with him. That was a great mistake. It turned out that He was a fraud. Poof! My NYSC savings went into the thin air!

Although I don’t know much about his salvation experience back then, but he was really a cool-headed guy. Little did I know that he had changed from the boy I used to know. My desperation resulted in me being his prey. I was so infuriated. I was mad at Bayo for duping me, but madder at myself for allowing it. If only I had prayed about it before giving in to the idea, perhaps, I would have saved myself from being his victim.

The worst part was that he was not apologetic about it. He showed no interest in refunding my money either. He even threatened to harm me if I reported him to the police. After several attempts to get him to refund me, it dawned on me that the guy was not normal and I needed to run far from him.
For my life and safety, I stopped calling him. But the hurt and bitterness never left me. I carried that feeling with me for months.

God spoke to me about him recently. Then interestingly, I bumped into him on my way to work. My heart skipped and the bitterness rose again just the same way I usually feel whenever I remembered him. I must have given him a couple of punches in my mind.
But here is where I’m coming to. Strangely, as I stood there gazing at him, in a split second, every hurt melted away. A scripture came to mind- For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. Matthew 6:14

I felt pity for him. I don’t know why. We exchanged pleasantries and parted ways. Our meeting was brief but at night, I couldn’t let go of our encounter that day. I think that was God’s way of teaching me about forgiveness. I meditated about it for a while, and it dawned on me that the strange calmness that came over me must have been God.

Forgiving is hard, it is harder when the offending party is not remorseful. But it is a commandment every true Christian must obey. And be ye kind one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake hath forgiven you. (Ephesians 4:32)

Again, to err is human, to forgive is divine. But if God is divine, I am also divine. If God can forgive me unconditionally, I also have the capacity to do that. My mantra is not to operate as an ordinary human being when God has elevated me to the level of His son. I forgive people, not because they deserve it but because I was also forgiven. I love because Christ first loved me and His spirit is in me. Love takes us to a place of peace, wisdom, and divinity.
This growth journey is quite an interesting one. To press forward unto the mark of the higher calling on how to live is my goal.
Will you join me on this journey to perfection?


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