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Hopeful And Thankful

We are just over two weeks into the new year, yet I am still full of thanks for last year’s events. They prepared me for the next phase of my life.

It is amazing that unlike other years, I did not write any resolution for 2021. All I have now are a checklist of things I am thankful to God for. I kid you not!
When I sat down to write them on the first day of the year, my thanksgiving checklist numbered up to 70! To think I slept off on December 31st feeling like I accomplished little.

I felt like my life was put on hold for too long. In my opinion, I should have achieved more. I was blinded by negativity. But going through the list, I knew I shouldn’t be an ingrate. I immediately vowed to spend this year with a grateful heart no matter what comes my way. If God could do that much, He can do so much more.
I then wrote a prayer list of what I desired from God. I am confident that He will answer them in His own unique way.

Life is in stages but we most times are pushed to the next phase by events (good or bad). Most of these events are God’s way of pruning us and getting us ready for the future. Imagine giving birth to a baby unprepared; it will be a colossal disaster to enter into a new phase unprepared.

Chances are that mistakes that are made in the process could be irredeemable for years or forever.  So God in His infinite wisdom takes His time to get us ready.
Although the period of preparation is always hard and tough. It is sincerely not always easy. But if we trust God, if we trust His process, we will always have a smooth landing.

My friend, what have you been through? What experiences made you lose hope? What happened in 2020 that made you unthankful? Why have you given up on life?
Remember that while there is life, there is hope.

That you are alive means God still has a purpose and plan for you. Start the new year in an appreciative and thankful mood. Count your blessings amidst the seeming lack. Shake off the negativity of the past year. Launch ahead with God as your beacon. It is a new beginning. Enjoy it.

A lot of faith, hope and courage will do you some good this year. Don’t lose courage. You have more than you think you do. Life has more good to offer you than you know.
Be thankful, be positive, be prayerful and you will see that “all things work together for good to them that love God…”
Cheers to a good start my friend!

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