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Balanced For Better

One of the things the year 2020 taught me is that I can be more, I can be better, but I must be balanced. I can express all the multi-influential flows in me without trading off the things that matter most. I have the understanding that I am a spiritual being who is only manifesting in the physical, just like you. So I have the capacity to do more than the ordinary.
I can express my spirituality, my personal growth, my health, my relationships, my finance, my career, my gifts and talents, and all other areas of my life without anyone affecting the other.

Since I rededicated my life to God, I came to the practical knowledge that I am multifaceted. I mean if Christ is Trinity, I also am. Anything Christ can do, I have the ability to do also. I was created like Him. He said greater works than what He did on earth, I will do. I just need to tap from Him as my Source always. So I know well to create time every day to connect to Him.

But here’s the gist, I know I cannot effectively be more and do more if I do not have a good grasp of TIME.
When I started work last year, I almost lost God again, I even literally starved my family and my friends of attention. Some areas of my life suffered just because of my work.
Yes, I know some things have to give way to other pressing demands but there are areas of our lives that we can’t sacrifice and we just have to learn balance. I realized that I can’t activate all my potentials if I do not use the tool called Time effectively and efficiently.

Learning the art of time management and scheduling was a gift that kept on giving.  I did some courses which helped me to identify all areas of my life that I must give attention to, and I also learned how to prioritize them.
I’m not yet an expert at time management, but it has helped me to be more productive and to do more things that before now, I could only dream of.
Thankfully, I am able to spend quality time with God and with my loved ones while still pursuing my dreams.

Have you ever been so busy that you feel guilty for not having enough time for your family? Do you ever wish that you had more time for God? Sometimes, we pray for a breakthrough or promotion in our places of work only to realize that the same blessing has become a thorn in our flesh. It is ruining other areas of our lives.

Some people become so buried in their office work that they do not have time to refresh their souls in the presence of God. Others put their personal goals on hold just because they can’t manage their time effectively.
In this social media age, much dexterity is needed to live a balanced life. There is a constant need to shun distractions and be focused. But it all begins with the mastery of time. If we know that time is non-refundable, we will use it intentionally and judiciously.

Make the rest of this year more productive and balanced! The Lord is counting on you.

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    So many powerful articles here. God bless you!

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