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Diligence For Excellence

Work is getting more demanding than I thought it would be.
Today, I narrowly missed the staff bus because I couldn’t leave home on time. Thank God I made it. Having a presentation by 8 AM this morning gave me sleepless nights over the last two days. Another project is due for delivery in 3 days time.

As the team lead, the success of the project is my responsibility. I have tried to galvanise all resources and efforts towards the success of this project, but it seems I’m losing it.
My team members have been quite helpful too. The D-day came and we were able to perform as expected. I felt so fulfilled and useful.

I remember how I had to wait for months before securing this job. Now, all I want to do is to show forth the praise of my God through this job.

As Christians,  our work is for the glory of God. We should carry it out with all diligence, in a way that makes Him happy. God designed work to keep man productive and accountable. Hence, we should take it with all sense of seriousness.

Irrespective of how others are handling theirs, we must be diligent in our endeavours. Diligence gives room for excellence.
This year, strive to be an excellent Christian in your workplace.

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