Renewed Hope For The New Year

2020, what a year!
A great and eventful year it was.
We anticipated it with so much excitement. Remember the “vision 2020” anthem we sang years before it came?
The visions, the revelations, the hypes, the plans, everything pointed to the fact that it was going to be a significant year. But we never knew how significant it would be.
We never knew the twist of events would so change the tide of times.

Things changed swiftly in ways unimaginable. It was a turning point in human history.
Talk about how people’s lives evolved personally, financially, emotionally, career-wise, spiritually, and all round. Even nations felt the grip of this pang of change. With the Covid-19 pandemic striking full force across the globe, it left many unprepared and helpless.
Lives were lost,  dreams aborted, and businesses shattered. Then came unrests, insecurity increased and another wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. We never wanted all of that to be part of the vision 2020!

In all, 2020 proved to us that God is dynamic, but unchanging. No matter what happens, He remains God. He shows himself through diverse situations and moves in wondrous ways. He is a God that cannot be boxed up in our minds, houses, churches, religions or traditions.

Being alive today, on the first day of the year 2021, is nothing short of a miracle. Yes, indeed! If all there is to be thankful for is life and oxygen, we are grateful.
God has preserved us to see a new year. It is of His mercies that we are not consumed. We take it as a gift that it is. A precious gift wrapped by God Himself and handed over to you and me.
That is why we can greet one another a happy new year. We are grateful and hopeful that the faithful One who preserved and took care of us in 2020 will also do it in 2021.

In this new year, put on faith and courage. Hold this as you go along- No matter how dark the world may be, it will be bright for the man and the woman of faith. Have absolute faith in God, for all things are possible unto you.
God is set to move in a new way in your life. Do not limit Him. He is set to restore all that you’ve lost in the past years. Your life will experience a positive shift like never before. Every bitterness has turned to sweetness. He will smoothen every rough edge because He is a mighty God.

Fear not, Mathew 28:10 assures us of God’s abiding presence – “…I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.
Emmanuel is with us from January to December. He will protect and provide for His own. Let your anchor be in Jesus, He will carry you through. God’s presence and promise in your life is greater than any storm the year may bring.
You will never be ashamed. Your life is preserved. Remember not to speak any negative word into your life but prophetic words of power. God’s word is now in your mouth. Your words carry power. Use it well.
There will be a great calm in your life in JESUS’ name. These are the promises of God for you this new year. Everything God has promised you will be done. Get ready for a dynamic move with God.

Congratulations my friend!  Have a smooth sail through the new year!

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